Hobbycraft 1/32 SPAD 13- defective prop?

At a recent show raffle, I won the 1/32 scale Hobbycraft SPAD 13 "Aces" kit.

In looking it over, I noticed that the hub of the prop is suffering from a noticable sink area- the hub detail is on a slighly concave surface. There's no way to repair the damage, short of sanding off th edetail, filling the slight depression, and then scratchbuilding or adding 3rd party parts to replace the lost detail.

I'm wondering is this a fault of my kit, or is it a fault of the molds? Does anyone else have one of these kits-- is your prop molded OK?

Just trying to see if it is worth the trouble to get a replacement prop from HC...


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RC Boater
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Mine's OK. An aftermarket item would look real nice. I've not heard good things about HC's customer service.


RC Boater wrote:

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Frank Koval

I have both versions of this kit and both havs slight sink marks on the prop hubs. I was planning on just getting an etched metal prop hub and covering it up.

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