Hobbycraft S-2 Tracker: POS?

Picked up a couple of these for some kitbashing as the price was right. I knew it was a copy of the Hasegawa kit beforehand. Both kits, however, don't have a single straight major part. Wings, fuselage & nacelles are all severely warped. Completely unbuildable. I could see all of the details were soft & rounded, but that didn't concern me since the paint would take care of that. I threw both kits back in the boxes & pulled out a good ol' Hasegawa kit. Nearly fell together! Anyway, I've built other Hobbycraft kits & don't recall any major problems. Did I just get 'lucky' or are all the S-2s junk?

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frank may
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Frank, I have not built my Tracker. I bought it a few years ago, and I could tell the props were unusable in mine. Cheers, Max Bryant

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M Bryant

I've had a couple of the Hobbycraft Trackers and didn't notice any warpage. They both had soft detail and unusable props because of the lousy hubs, though. They're obviously cut-rate copies of the Hasegawa kit.

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Al Superczynski

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