Monogram Thunderbolt kits

I've noticed that Revell-Monogram has reissued a number of their
1/48th scale aircraft kits, including their P-51B and B-26 Marauder.
Has anyone heard of any plans to reissue either of thir P-47 kits?
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I haven't seen or heard of that as of yet,but I'd like to have a copy pf the bubbletop and razorback P-47 that monogram did.I'm holding out for a reissue of the 1/48 B-24J.Does anyone remember those 1/72 kits of all the different WWII fighters Revell issued back in the late 60's? I'd like to collect a few for nostalgia's sake.I had a couple of those sets of 3 1/72 aircraft.As i recall,they were themed sets ,like Guadacanal fighters,wildcat,P-39 and a zero. It would be cool to see those again. Kelly Voyles Hanford ,Calif.
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Teresa Voyles

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