Question about Gunze Paints

I want to give the Gunze Panzer colors a try, and plan on ordering them.

Do I need to add white to this set to get the scale effect?

What is the mixing ratio for airbrushing with these paints?

I haven't been modeling much lately, mainly because I lost my painting touch and usually ended up with a grainy looking finish when the paint dried. Lately I've been going through the already been started pile and finishing them. Well at least to the point of being ready for primer and paint.

In fact I just finished stripping the grainy finish off my early Tam Panther G yesterday.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.



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Tan or gray; white will 'break' the colour.

Anywhere from 1:2 to 3:1, depends on what you want to paint and the finish you want to get.

Air pressure too high.

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Serge D. Grun

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