Quick Review - 1/72 U-boat parts...

Ok. I wasn't initially planning on using the upper pressure hull kit
from Yankee Modelworks, but after cutting all those holes I began to get
lazy and ordered the resin...
Got the kit(s) today and confirmed some of my initial reservations:
1) I initially thought the life raft containers molded into the bow
section were inappropriate for the Type VIIC, but found after review of
my references that I was wrong. HOWEVER - as Yankee Modelworks has
molded molded them, they do not line up with the openings on the deck
for either of the Type VIIC or Type VIIC/41 kits...so I'm going to have
to cut them off and scratch build them. (They are also missing the
container hatches.)
2) The resin is nice and sandable. The fit of the sections overall
appears to be nice. Reworking some of the details should be easier than
with some other (harder, more brittle) resins.
This is supposed to be a "drop in" kit, so I wasn't expecting to need to
do anything with it but fit and paint. Haven't checked the alignment of
any of the other hatch fittings to the deck parts, but I'm already
standing by to shave and correct additional trunking.
Bottom line - the Yankee Modelworks upper pressure hull kit is a good
starting point for visible detail if you plan on opening up all those
limber and flood holes, but be prepared to do some modification to it if
you want to get things lined up correctly.
At least I've got something to glue/paint now. Eventually...
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