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>>in 1/48? > > The Sword kit is the only true T-38 in either 1/72 or 1/48. All >the others are actually F-5Bs in disguise, and the ones labeled 1/48 >are actually 1/50 scale. >

ok, thanks.

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Or 1/32?

I've always wanted to build one, does anyone know if there is one available at all?

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Al Superczynski

Thanks! It is a wish come true, I have always admired the sleek little rocket.

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In 1/72 ? I thought only Hasegawa made one ?


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Pierre Francois

Actually a F-5B with a T-38 label.

Another was also done by Pioneer 2/PM Models. This, too, was a F-5B with a T-38 label.

We still await a good T-38 n 1/72.


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