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> i forgot they still exist. i'll see if there's any info on > their site. i don't think it's in production. > i'd love to build the biggy, but no space. it's gotten silly > to buy big kits. i have the 1/48 pby, b-29-b-24, a buttload > or do 335's ar 234's, etc. where the hell will i put them. > even my me 321 is on hold. i put the wings together and said > holey shit....damn.

Somewhat similar reaction to mine when I figured out just how big a

1/144th B-36 still would be. Between that and the selling price I reconsidered the whole notion.

Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.

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great models had the ju52 in stock. $15 isn't too bad a hit so i ordered 2 in case it is out of production. yeah, that b-36 is a monster even in 1/44. i had the 1/72 that i got for a b-day. it moved around with me for 15 years until i faced the truth and traded it for still more he 111 kits. i think i have over 50 in 1/72. but only one in

1/48....attack of sanity. at one time i wa eyeballing both the 1/48 me 321 and the 111-z. then i saw them at hobby town in vegas hanging from the ceiling. that killed that fantasy. i think your house is amazing, bill. wish i could see it in person.
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