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Right back atchya, Ron - it was nice to place faces with long-read names, especially yours. Too bad on the food issue; the NOVA guys ran a great show and for the hotel to drop the ball on food was a black spot for the Sheraton. Otherwise, the NOVA guys worked a very nice show. A few goodies from the vendors, a few more from the raffles. Judging was good (I helped out in ships) and saw some great things. And, who could forget the fire alarm just as judging was to start!? At least it wasn't raining when we got chased out... Aside from the driving, it was a good way to spend a weekend.

Frank Kranick IPMS/USA 20352

R> Region II was a blast! Lots of good models on the tables and except for

running out of food at the social everything was great. A ship won best > of show and it deserved it too. I also got to meet Frank Kranick, he's a > pretty cool guy.
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Francis X. Kranick, Jr.
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To all those disgruntled ship modelers that say IPMS dosen't appreciate ship models... Ship models, Best in Show, Two years running!

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Bob LaPadura

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