Read this only if you live near Haverstraw NY (USA)

If you aren't from there and still reading - don't say that I didn't warn you.
This is sort of an unusual request ...
I'm planning on building the Revell AG FRED'S Towing Wrecker truck kit.
I like to build accurate models, so I always try to gather research material
first. Fred's is in Haverstraw,NY and I live in the Boston area...
Searching Google for any pictures of that Tow Truck was useless.
So, if you live around the area and you are willing to help me out read on ...
I would like to ask you to see if you could take some pictures of that truck
for me (assuming it still exists). You would probably need to contact Fred's
and ask them for permission to take pictures. I would gladly
reimburse any reasonable costs.
Please email me if you are willing to help.
My email address (spam protected) is:
peteski7-at-yahoo-dot-com (delete hyphens and substitute "at" and "dot"
Thanks in advance !
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Peter W.
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Peter, Join the Yahoo group
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and ask the guys in there. I'm about 90% sure that one of the club members has pics of that wrecker and if not, the guys will most certainly be able to point you in the right direction.
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