Repopping Indy roadster

The company repopping the AMT modifieds seems to be doing a good
business. They are really flying off the shelves around here. But no
one, including AMT seems to repop the old Watson Roadster Indy car.
That is a VERY sought after kit in vintage swap meets and the prices
are going sky high. How about either AMT or some other company
repopping that.
Also, the RM Edmunds modified is another popular subject that needs
another reissue, with the prices going so high. With the success of
the repopped AMT modifieds, RM should see a market for another reissue
of theirs.
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Don Stauffer in Minneapolis
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Wasn't there a double kit of these two done in the eighties? How much are they going for? (hoping to offset my debit column for a change...)
The Keeper (of too much crap!)
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Too much. But I recently bought one of those.
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Don Stauffer in Minneapolis

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