Spits in 1:72

Irony of ironies, the kit that induced me back into the scale modeling fold
was the Airfix Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IX (Special Edition - Aircraft of
Aces) Series 2 (02081)- which turned out to be a truly awful kit - bad fit,
crap detail, practically solid canopy etc. - the nicest part is the box!
It's a miracle it didn't put me off...
Anyway, in an effort to get back to basics (and to banish the memory of the
Mk IX) I am looking to find a good, fairly detailed out of the box 1:72 Mark
1 Spitfire.
However, as there seem so many to choose from, can anyone recommend one
that's fairly easy to get hold of in Europe (i.e. the UK)?
On a separate note, does anyone know of any decent (and available) Curtiss
P-36 kits?
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Raffi Varoujian
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Good, detailed (expensive) = Tamiya
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not so detailed = Hasegawa
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of the same = Airfix
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Plus Heller / Encore, Frog / Novo and Revell have had a go as well.
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Jonathan Stilwell
Also, years ago (though I am sure they are still "findable") Aeroclub had a "Spitfire Parts" line. You could purchase one of several vac-formed fuselages. You could also purchase wings from their selection. Along with their metal props, landing gear, detail parts, etc...you could pretty much build most versions of the Spitfire (a la "multi pose" or Historex philosophy)
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Greg Heilers

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