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wow - the june flyer is on the website. never had it before the new
month before. For the past 4-5 years I've been so used to getting it
around the 25th of each month...
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I was surprised that mine was in the mail Tuesday, the 30th. A full 48 hours before the start of the month.
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Mine arrived yesterday too. Trouble is there's nothing of any real (gotta-have) interest this month.
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The Old Man
just got mine. don't give the plot away.
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seems kind of lackluster. too much block sale, not enough variety. seems like some stuff is never on sale. or at least stuff i want. damn.
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They blew all the model space on that damned die cast stuff
Well - I will say they have boosted the web site a bit but I still like it the way it was a year ago better.
I must say though, my last couple of orders have gone to Great Models They have beat Squadron with their web site, and its timeliness, and the ease of special ordering. They also give you a lot more info on your shipment.
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Jeff Barringer
There are one or two things of interest. I'm really impressed at the 24 hour free phone line.
Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.
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