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Hello all,

I have just found that I am missing part 67 from the Airfix Vulcan B2 kit.

Does anyone have one of these parts they are not going to be useing and would be willing to send me ?

Thanks in advance


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Gondor Have you tryed Airfix for a replacement part. That kit is currently in there catalog, so they should have thr part. You can email them at give them the kit number and part number.


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Bomb bay door cover to suit the Blue Steel fitment.

Unfortunately mine has a Blue Steel mounted to it. Had it been the normal bay doors I could have helped you.

Reagrds and good luck

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The Raven

i may be able to help gondor, as a friend of mine in gosport has vulcan kit he does not want. i'll get the kit and you can have the blue steel adapter part if you like.


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