assembly picture to adobe illustrator?

I have an assebmly and wanted to outport it to adobe illustrator. Does anyone know if there is anything inherent in either program that will enable me to do this?

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Joe S
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Geez, "Save As" TIFF or JPEG and import to Illustrator.

Joe S wrote:

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I do this a lot. Don't over-complicate things. Create a SolidWorks drawing from your model, save it as a dxf or dwg file and open it in Illustrator. The other possibility is to print the drawing as a pdf file if you have a pdf creator. By the way - this is going to be included in 2004.

By the way, I have been requesting the ability to export from sWorks as an eps file for several years.

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Try this program 'PDF995' it works like a printer driver but outputs PDF format files works suberbly for me.

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Kevan JL Chapman

One issue that isn't immediately apparent when exporting a tiff (File ->

Save as -> *.tif ) is that if you do this from the model file (part or assembly) the export is done at screen resolution, which generally is of fairly low quality. Instead, put the desired view into a drawing, shaded or hlr, whatever. From the drawing, you can do the same tiff export, but now you can control the dpi quality of the output. If you are going to make an image on a decent printer, you'll probably want to use 300dpi for shaded, and 600 dpi for a line drawing. The file size can get pretty large. Hope this helps. Bill Allemann

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bill allemann

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