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Cannot make 2 planar end faces to cap the side sheet
I would appreciate any advise solving this problem: Cannot make 2 planar end faces to cap the side sheet . Thank you. I would...
1 year ago 1
Could not run SOLIDWORKS 2016 setup get this error
New windows 10 installed But could not run setup SOLIDWORKS 2016 same software run other system Unable to run SOLIDWORKS installation manager H:sldlmsldlm.exe Verify that you have access to the...
1 year ago 2
SolidWorks Training: on the decline.
Unfortunatley, like most companies in our "new economy" SW Corp. is not doing well. What are we building? Anyway, they are no longer teaching the courses in their software like they used to. Most...
10 years ago
Re: Just How Bad Does Mastercam Suck At Drilling?
How many users does Mastercam have, Jon? How many complaints have you found? Here's what you do... Go buy the online book VB for dummies. Then get microsoft sam to read it for you. Then write a script...
12 years ago 1
Company History Of SolidCAM
"Company History SolidCAM's founder and Managing Director, Dr. Emil Somekh, is a veteran of 35 years in CAD/CAM development and applications. The SolidCAM team of development and support has an...
12 years ago 22
Crop not working (grayed out)...
It might be just a brain fart, but has anyone ever had an issue with not being able to crop?? SWx 2009, SP2.1 I have a simple print of a single component (not assy), made an closed spline profile...
12 years ago 6
Routing - No Valid Configuration Found
I am running into an error message that "No valid configuration could be found for this pipe". This happens when I try to use tubing I created. I checked the design table, and it looks like I've...
14 years ago 1
API: example of how to add macro to rmb
Can anyone provide an example of how to add a macro to the rmb in solidworks. Thanks You can't. There are very few limitations of macros compared to add- ins, but this is one : you can't use the...
14 years ago 3
Smart Fastener not filling all the same holes
In an assembly I went into Smart Fastener Browser config., set that up. I then went back into assembly and clicked on Smart Fastener Icon, have Populate All checked. It popped in one fastener in one...
14 years ago 5
Exporting dims from Solidworks to excel
Hi, I need to export dimensions from Solidworks drawing to excel (or other editor) but I can't find anywhere that option, do you know how to do it???? Thanks for help in advance. Arek my thought here...
14 years ago 3
Does anyone know how to make a negative angle (undercut) in solidcam? I see you took my suggestion. Charles Davis / NextGenMfg has responded to your question in the SolidCAM forum on CNC Zone and...
14 years ago 6
Intermittent Helix
Hi All, I am trying to model a tube that has a helical cut in it, axially, going through the entire wall thickness (to end up with a spiral cut down outside of the tube. That's no big deal, but where...
14 years ago
Macro to Insert a Block
I am trying to insert a previously created block into a drawing using a macro. The bock name is "" Could someone please point me in the right direction? Thanks Monty Monty, I doubt this macro already...
14 years ago 4
macro to change sheet formats
I have a series of drawings which need to be released to the factory on a standard company title block, and also published to a spare parts manual on a spare parts specific title block. The drawings...
14 years ago 6
SolidWorks API - MakeStyledCurves2
SolidWorks API - MakeStyledCurves2 This is the API command to fit a spline, but it doesn't seem to work in the API. Every time I try, it just returns false and doesn't work. It was also recorded in...
14 years ago
Advice...Dell Precision 390 specs?
I'm working up a quote for a new Dell Precision 390, and have a few general questions. I'm using SW 2007 and have recently (by default) been appointed "SW expert" in my research lab. I'm still ramping...
14 years ago 23
Sketched Bend Tool
I haven't fooled with sheet metal for quite a long time, and even when I did I used it very little. Will someone help me out and tell me why I cannot get the option to use the "Sketched Bend" tool....
15 years ago 4
Problem with a helical sweep (image provided)
Hello I have been trying to model a funky part that basically looks like cylinder that has had a helical sweep cut along its length. The pitch of the actual helix that defines the cut path actually...
15 years ago 5
Need help with eDrawings API
Hello all, I know this might be a long shot, but has anyone of you used C# to program Solidworks eDrawings control? I am having trouble using the provided Print2 function in the eDrawings API. I...
15 years ago 4
Multi-body or Assembly?
Is there anyone else out there making extensive use of multi-body modeling, not counting weldments? For example: I will typically make a sheet metal stamped part plus the die over which the part is...
15 years ago 10