can't get hidden edges to show in view

I have a potted (molded) hall sensor p.c. board assembly in the end of
a motor stator. Today I pulled that drawing up to do some changes
(last time I touched this drawing was using SW2003). In my front view
I had the p.c. board hidden edges shown so the people putting this
thing together know how to orient the board durring mfg. (in view
properties I had went to the "show hidded edges" tab and selected my
board from the tree and it showed nicely. So as I said, I opened it
today to do some changes in SW2004 and my p.c. board hidden lines are
gone! I went into the Show Hidden Edges tab and it's there, but the
fricken lines do not show up. I pulled another drawing up to test this
and sure enough, this is broken. DAMN IT! I can't think of any option
setting that would make this not work. This version of SW hands me my
ass on a daily basis I tell you! Oh yeah, and the head height on
slotted pan head screws generated by Toolbox are wrong too.
Machinery's handbook says the head is to be .053 max. Toolbox makes
them .065.
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Lon Flickinger
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I tested it here with a drawing saved in 2003 (Sp4) with some parts shown with hidden edges as You describe it and they show up fine in 2004 (Sp1)
Krister L
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Krister L
humm seems to work fine for me... But then again I did it on a new assembly. Is this just on 2003 files that got converted? 2003 files that previously had items listed under "show hidden edges" tab?
Sometimes if you cut & paste the view to a new drawing SW will fix the error. This has been a workaround for us on a couple items.
Steve Tietz
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Steve Tietz
Make sure that the drawing view display style is HIGH QUALITY and not DRAFT QUALITY. Pick on your drawing view and check the drawing view property display style that shows up in the feature tree area.
Steve Titer wrote:
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