Spaceball 4000 Repeatable CTD

I just updated to 2004 SP1 and have a repeatable CTD with spaceball
movement. I have the latest drivers for spaceware and the SW plugin.
Try -
Open any part
Set part Display to - Hidden Line Visible
Make sure "Draft Quality HLR/HLV" is OFF
Try to rotate with Spaceball.
Can anyone else repeat?
SolidWorks 2004 SP1
Windows XP SP1
Quadro 550 XGL
Dell 2.53-P4
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Scott P
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I'm using a Magellan classic as well. I was able to rotate a model in "every" display mode or combination. No CTD.
I am using an older driver though "3DxWare Version 1.2.0, build 3". It works with all of my SW installs 2001+, 2003, and 2004.
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I can verify this behavior.
W2K, SW2004 sp1, SW2003 sp5 parallel, spaceball 4000
it also happens on older spaceball driver versions....
i guess we will have to wait for 3dconnexion to fix it
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It is crashing in wireframe mode with the lightning bolt turned off. If you have the lightning bolt turned on, SW then uses open-gl for the wireframe display and everything is OK.
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Roland Hart
I just happened to have the 3DxWare Version 1.2.0, build 3". and installed it and I'm still having the same problem.
Which Solidworks plug-in version are you using?
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Roland Hart

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