What Can Be Done With ACIS R12

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"We used the Concepts Unlimited beta release as part of our F-35 project,"
said George Irving, Aeronautical Engineer Senior Staff for Lockheed. "So far
we've had incredible results, especially in regard to translation. Its
translation capabilities are so efficient and accurate that word has spread
through the company-we're now receiving problem files from other departments
to be translated through Concepts Unlimited! We are so impressed that we are
adding more seats shortly."
Concepts offers a free demo that can be dowloaded at:
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Concepts sells for $995
Concepts blows the freaking doors off a low level solution like Rhino !
Spatial Corp, creater of ACIS is a Dassault Systèmes company. ;>)
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jon banquer
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How long have you been using this program?
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Jerry Jones
How many posts has snipped-for-privacy@qwest.net made to usenet ?
According to Google that number would be zero.
How about:
You try Concepts for yourself and then come back here and post why it does not blow to doors off Rhino as I have said it does or post why this is not an excellent example of how much better rounded ACIS is than Parasolid.
Next troll.... :>)
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jon banquer
Just answer the question, Jon. How long you been using it and what have you designed with it??
BTW, I've been playing with it and it is lame, imho. It reminds me a lot of Vellum3D and it is DOG SLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll say it again, IT IS DOG SLOW!!!!
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Paul Salvador
"It reminds me a lot of Vellum3D"
Do you think that might be because Vellum Cobalt was written by Tim Olson as well ?
Lockheed likes it. They really, really like it. :>)
Is it better that SolidWorks fails faster compared to Concepts which may not be quite as fast but doesn't fail ? :>)
In regards to your complaints, how about taking a page out of my book and posting all the specific things you don't like about Concepts just like I do with SolidWorks. Do you need me to again list all the issues I have with SolidWorks ? ;>)
I note that you feel that Concepts maybe *just a little bit to slow*. What operations in Concepts do you find *just a little bit to slow*, Paul ? :>)
I use to have a Basset Hound. He was *just a little bit to slow* but ya know I really loved that dog.... probably a lot like you have always loved Anne Brown. :>)
I think many people will like Concepts and find it significantly easier to use in many situations that require surfacing compared to Rhino or SolidWorks.
BTW, Paul how did you first hear of Concepts... be honest now. :>)
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jon banquer
I will not answer any of you question because you are NOT a user and I would only be feeding a demo testing troll.
But I will say, no shit sherlock on who created the program and any demo testing troll can tell it is slow.
The clueless bs continues.....
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Paul Salvador
Doubt very much if I would ever use it..
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Paul Salvador
Ya working for Lockheed now are you? LOL .... they's not let your broom in the door.
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Cliff Huprich
After all these years I would not expect anything else. ;>)
BTW, I enjoy not answering any of yours either. :>)
Have fun with Concepts !!!
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jon banquer
You NEVER used this program to design ANYTHING. At least Paul posted a link to his design.
Got any press releases on the new broom you've been using at work? You know... the one that blows the doors off of blah blah blah.
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Jerry Jones
Here is a list of Concepts features:
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. Same intuitive user interface for 2D and 3D tools
. Snaps for intelligently locating x y z coordinates, tangents, and perpendiculars
. Concept Explorer to examine and modify associative relationships and construction history
. Customizable key short cuts
. Prompt Window for prompting designer through commands
. Data Entry Window for explicit creation and modification of geometry.
. Object show/hide tools
. Layers and Sub Layers
. Tool Tips
. User defined views, work planes, and pen styles
. Precise kernel serves as foundation for NURB and analytic based geometry definitions
. Points, Lines, Arcs, Circles, Ellipses and Conics
. Splines construction methods of Through point, Control Point, Bezier, On Surface, and Sketch
. Add, remove, elevate, smooth spline control points
. Dynamic modification of position and tangencies
. Dynamic curvature plots
. Project curve to plane
. Best in class offset, trim and relimit curve tools
. 2D Fillet, Chamfer, and Corner
. 1 & 2 Rail Sweep
. Extrude by Vector
. Cover (Coon's and N-Sided)
. Skin, Skin with Guides, and Skin with Draft
. Nets (MxN curve networks)
. Offset
. Blend with user defined takeoff magnitudes
. Fillet
. Rebuild, Elevate, & Join
. Thicken
. Match G1 or G2
. Trim and Untrim
. Associativity for all creation and modifications
. Gaussian, Zebra, Draft Analysis
. Best in Class Filleting and Chamfering Tools
. Shelling
. Extrude, Sweep, Lathe
. 1 & 2 Rail Sweeps
. Protrusions and Cutouts
. Booleans (Add, Subtract, Union).
. Trim and Split
. Stitching and Healing with user defined tolerances
. Primitives
. Holes
. Lofting between Faces
. Parametric Features
. Associative History Tree
. Deform Face
. Remove, Offset, Move, Replace, Match Face
. Bend and Bend Along Curve
. Draft Faces
. Generate drawings automatically from 3D models from templates
. Pen Weights, Patterns, Styles
. Horizontal, Vertical, Radial, Diametric, Center Marks, Leaders, Callouts, Angular Dimensions
. Tolerances and User Settings for Dimension Attributes
. Stacked, Dual, Fractions
. Hatching and Fill Patterns
. Bill of Materials
. Text (Normal, Angle, Path)
. Raytracing with Anti-Aliasing
. Unlimited Point, Spot, and distant lights
. Adjustable soft and hard shadows
. Drag and Drop from Material Library
. Backgrounds & Foregrounds
. Material Editor for controlling reflectance, color, displacement, transparency, and texture space
. Walk Through, Fly By
. QuickTime Object VR
. QuickTime Panoramic VR
. QuickTime Event Recording Data Exchange
. CATIA v4
. Adobe Illustrator (up to v9)
. Rhino Import
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jon banquer
Typical coward.
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Paul Salvador
..and copy/paste coward.
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Paul Salvador
The idiot posted the same SPAM to alt.machines.cnc.
He does not even know what half the words actually mean.
Considering his posting time I'm guessing he got fired again from his latest trucking job.
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Cliff Huprich
I think JB touts every software package out there so if it takes off he can say he was behind it.
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He just copies what others have said and posts ads he steals from. I doubt he knows what one word in three actually means.
It's no wonder so much of it sounds so stupid ... he gets confused, not knowing what the actual subject of discussion was.
But he's happily take all the credit in the world for any new release of anything, as if he almost used it himself .... and look up the name of a salesman to drop as if he'd just had something anal to do ....
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Cliff Huprich

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