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I treated myself to two brand new shiny Atlas Gold series 8-40CW NS locomotives for Christmas. This is my first plunge into sound. The dual mode decoders are great because I have yet to switch over to DCC (in about 6 weeks). One thing I have noticed is that the locomotives pause when they hit the insulated frogs on Atlas switches. I think this is because in DC mode they look for voltage drops and reverse polarities on the track voltage to signal things like horns, bells, programming mode and such. Is anyone else running them and seeing the same thing ? I would suspect most of you would be running them on DCC.

For that I am looking at the Digitrax SuperChief 5A radio system. Anyone have any comments pro or con ? I plan to buy an extra 5A booster to run one set of blocks and use the one included in the starter set for the other set of blocks. Feedback is welcome.


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Jeff Binkley
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Considering that operation (selecting your train) usually only needs to be done once per operating session, and having to plug in helps keep you from "accidentally" selecting someone else's train, it's hardly a hardship.

What range does the NCE radio system offer? Digitrax' maximum radio range is well over 200 feet under optimum conditions.

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Joe Ellis

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