Lionel Pennsylvania GG-1 versions

Can anyone tell me whether the differences between the Lionel Pennsylvania GG-1 4907 (#18313) and 4935 (#8150) go beyond the cosmetic stripe and style of lettering?

Thanks! Jeff

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Jeff Volp
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Be careful, plastic gears

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8150 PRR Green 5 Stripe GG-1, 395.00

18313, PRR Green Solid stripe, 449.95

Prices above are approximate. Body shells probably indentical other than striping. The latter is newer and has Command Control.

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The GG1 18313 had many problems related to the magnetraction and got very bad reviews. Most dealers were dumping them for under $300. I would stay away from this version.

The Century Club version is a very good performer. Unlike the 18313 version it has full railsounds in addition to command control.

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No, I'm not familiar with this particular version. It appears to be a bit pricy going for upwards of $600 for a new one with original box.

There have been some more recent versions made by K-line and MTH that are good runners and have a lot of additional features. The latest K-line version with Lionel's TMCC command system and railsounds can be had for around $250 at most train shows. The MTH versions with similar features are available for around the same price. Williams did some and they sold for less than $200.

So if you are looking for a nice engine run you might consider any of these. I have the Lionel CC version and it is a good operator.

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