Newer Rivarossi Heisler?

I bought a Rivarossi Heisler some 20 years or so ago, and was wondering exactly what are the differences with the more recent issue. I see Trainworld has them on for $89.95, a long way from the $299.00 list price.

Here's my 20 year old:

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I had to install styrene pieces to be able to mount the Kadee coupler boxes on this old timer. I made the vent in the cab open, but seem to have lost the actual vent. It has wire handrails to the cab, and wire grab irons on the back of the tender area, but I think I may have added these myself.

Comments on the new one please? Better/worse? In which ways? Thanks!

Bob Boudreau Canada

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Upgraded mechanism and RP25 wheels.

Rivarossi went bankrupt (again...) which is prob. the reason for the low price offered by TW. BTW, there are a few extra charges when you order from TW, but they are reliable. I've never sent anything back, but IIRC there is a restocking charge of 20% if you do.


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Wolf Kirchmeir

Got mine from Trainworld today, runs nice and smooth, but has a bit of a lope at the slowest speeds, possible that will clear up after some running and a relube. Can't comment on new/old, as I don't have an old, but it looks pretty much the same.

Added charges are shipping and handling, in my case, $11, reasonable. Service was, ordered on monday, got it on thursday, not bad.

Walthers Doodlebug for $22 was pretty good too, runs smooth, possibly a little too slow, but that's fine too.

How come no one does the Skunk?

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