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Now that we have the new MR, check out Walthers" ad on page 83. Some of their Built-up buildings are now available as kits. They are molded in grey, rather than colors, so you can paint them.

One would expect that a kit would be less expensive than a built up structure--at least I would. But Walthers price for a kit is the same as a built up.

The increase in MR's price is not as annoying, IMHO, as Walthers' blatant "thumbing of their noses" at the modeling community. At least that's how I am reacting at this moment.

Should one be annoyed about this? Comments, anyone? Or is this sort of thing just to be expected from Walthers?

Bruce West Main Street Heritage Models

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I think that Atlas price for their new line of houses as kits is about a third less than the built up price. That seems to me to be about right.

Walthers prices for the kits that I think are made by Kibri, are outrageous.

CTucker NY

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Annoying and to be expected. I'd also note that some of the kits are in bags which again is cheaper than a full colored box. It's Phil W. trying to squeeze every last nickel I suppose.


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Dave Henk

=>Walthers prices for the kits that I think are made by Kibri, are outrageous.

Kibri has always been high-priced. Not Walthers fault - fault of German makers, who expect the same living standard as we have.

Wolf Kirchmeir ................................. If you didn't want to go to Chicago, why did you get on this train? (Garrison Keillor)

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Wolf Kirchmeir

Not the standard of living; it's the MUCH higher taxes to pay for all the socialization (they don't have that extensive passenger system for nothing).


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Brian Paul Ehni

Yeah, it's just so ugly, with clean streets, and go-everywhere light rail, and taking that luft kur therapeutic stay in the mountains. No wonder they're revolting . . .

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Steve Caple

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