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I can understand that many of you might shy away from the idea that a
troll merits his own thread. At present, however, curt has caused
several threads to become valueless. Perhaps, just perhaps, we can
confine our comments to a single site and partially undo some of the
harm, blather and simple stupidity he has initiated. We may gain
knowledge from such a study of pathology!
IMHO curt is a reincarnation of Spanky Jepperson. I find it interesting
that instead of using multiple identities, he accuses others of so
doing. New variaton - old theme. Do some of you old-timers remember
when S J tried to pass himself off as a Muslim? I find curt's
religious(?) ramblings to be of similar sincerity. He makes much of his
purity of thought. The phrase *potty mouth* has experienced a rebirth
in his writings. Yet one of his earlier mailings to *Merry Christmas*
included the term *friggin Christmas tree*. Tsk, tsk curt, is the potty
calling the kettle black? His initial entry to the *Rivet Counter*
thread focussed on such people being unable to *get a woman to talk to
. Is it only talk he has in mind?
Recently, curt has been trying to create a political persona to match
his religious one. I see no reason to believe he is being more truthful
in this area. He knows enough troll technique to realize what to say to
get the maximum response. He is extremely successful in pulling our
collective chain.
Other than his complete negativity on topics ranging from live steam to
hobby shops, we really know very little about curt. As I also do not
use my complete name, I am in no position to criticize him for his
reticence. It does, however, cause me to become attentive when he does
hint to some feature of his private life. *A Masters' in
. I've been acquainted with several universities and
colleges. I've seen thermodynamics taught in departments of physics,
chemistry and engineering and am aware that such departments grant
advanced degrees. I'm completely ignorant of schools which have
departments of thermodynamics. Where should one go when seeking a
masters' degree in that very specific area? Could anyone, including
curt, enlighten me? After all, curt seems to prize his veracity as much
as he does his purity and I would hate to think he was fibbing.
If you've read this far, thank you for your patience. It's admittedly
too easy to become prolix when confronted with a phenomenon like curt.
Thanks again.
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Nice post Jerry. I was wondering how long would take for someone to use the old UseNet cliche of posting a message stating that we all should stop feeding the troll. Well, here you are with a nicely composed message and a separate thread.
I too find it amazing how easily participants of this forum can plonk certain people, yet curt seems to push just the right buttons to cause people to have a battle of the wits with him instead of just plunking him. Especially that of all his posts clearly show trolling. It is quite mysterious to me how he manages to get such a strong response from people.
He is either a total arse or someone quite intelligent who is doing some sort of psychological experiment on r.m.r.
I hope that this too shall pass. Just like Terry Flynn. But Mark Newton is still around and he is one of more prolific responders to curts babblings.
And so it goes... Peteski
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Peter W.
Yes, I'm still around, as galling as that apparently is for you, but I note that I am not alone in responding to the vile thing that claims to be "curt". So why single me out for criticism, Peter?
For that matter, how is it that you are even aware of whom I'm responding to? You repeatedly claim to have killfiled me, and presumably you've killfiled "curt" - so our posts should be invisible to you, no?
As far as I'm concerned, you're on shaky ground criticising others for the nature of their posts. I acknowledge your recent interesting contributions to the discussions of electrical and electronic matters - but here you've returned to form as the putative moderator of r.m.r.
You remind of my neighbour's son. He expects the world to conform to his view of it, and gets terribly frustrated when it doesn't. But he is only five - he'll grow out of it. Maybe it's time you did, too.
All the best,
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Mark Newton
Trolls live for a reply to their postings. They don't care what sort of reply they get, a pleasant reply strokes their ego, a flame is an opening to flame back. Either way the troll gets his emotional gratification. Persistant trolls have killed a large number of newsgroups over the years and this one could be next. The troll threads convince newcomers that the group is full of loons, and so they move on. Eventually the regulars loose interest as well. If we wish to continue to enjoy R.M.R as it is then it would be best never to reply to trolls. If the troll never gets a reply it will loose interest. I am aware that this is easier said than done, but you could consider it a Zen like exercise to bring oneself closer to enlightenment.
David Starr
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David Starr
Killfile (filter) hims as sender, and as soon as he messes up a thread, highlight and mark as read. Don't killfile it, as the same terms and phrases will show up again in future.
Then start a new on-topic thread if desirable.
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Mark, I only have this to say to you and your penpal curt: GO FUCK YOURSELF!
Now, that's a phrase you should have no problem in comprehending. And please plonk me again as I have no reasons to converse with you.
Which threads I read and decide to respond to or ignore is strictly my choice. I'm not trying to moderate anything your fuckhead! I'm just hoping that idiots such as you will eventually leave and all interested parties can again have some constructive on-topic model railorad releated discussions. Ok?!
You are an instigator and you know it. IMO, you're as bad as our lovely curt.
Don't bother to reply as I have no plans on continuing this discussuion. But I know you can't help yourself and you'll reply anyway. Prove me wrong, please.
G'day mate! Peteski
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Peter W.
Peter (is that your real name??) you are foul mouthed and potty mouthed. There is no need for this type of stuff and you are why the board is not trains but just slamming people.
I will add you to the pray list which is long now.
Peter W. wrote:
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"Jerry", if you cant figure out how to find a school to get a masters degree, there is no way you will ever be able to pass the work needed to get one. It is hard work and takes alot of self starting (and prayer to get through the tests!)
snipped-for-privacy@hotmail.com wrote: does
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The only time you pray is when your mom is on your computer browsing your history file.
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< rest of choleric diatribe snipped >
I hit a nerve, obviously.
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Mark Newton
"brad" nice try but we know who you are. I added you to the list for help from the Lord.
messagenews: snipped-for-privacy@m58g2000cwm.googlegroups.com...
only time you pray is when your mom is on your computer browsing your
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Rather than discussing or analyzing (sp?) Curt, it was far more efficient to me to just filter him.
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jJim McLaughlin
Sounds to me like i hit a nerve. Sorry- my comments were directed at Curt- a man clearly dealing with issues related to his relationship with his youth minister. You, on the other hand are a veteran of usenet. This being only your 2nd post ever, in the past 2 days, 100% of your posts are in here. Interesting that you and Curt have the same ISP, same usenet service, and you only post in response to threads about him. I'm sure you as a newbie to usenet just thought this would be a great newsgroup to hop into to.. just happened to see curt getting thrown around in here and decided that you would help out.. Makes a lot of sense.
That or you are: 1- Curt 2- Curt's mom, in a desperate attempt to help her 35 year old son who has been crying for days 3- Curt's youth minister, trying to help curt after all he did to him as a child.
I would suggest you either create a new name- start over, this tactic sort of backfired. Heads up for the next time- use a different ISP, or mask it, and also try a different usenet feed to make it less obvious.
Have a great day!
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Funny "Brad" you are new to usenet and only attack me with slander and lies and potty talk. You are a fake name that we can tell. Who are really are I will leave to god when I pray for you to repent from this behavior of yours.
For you to attack Pastors and Parents is shameful but since you can hide behind a fake name you do it.
My god be kind to you "Brad"
ounds to me like i hit a nerve. Sorry- my comments were directed at Curt- a
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brad spake thus:
Well, not only that, they have the same posting IP address. Bingo! They're one and the same.
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David Nebenzahl
On Thu, 25 Jan 2007 11:00:26 -0800, I said, "Pick a card, any card" and David Nebenzahl instead replied:
Unless he's on dial up, mate. They often have one IP for an entire suburb in a city. All it means is they are likely to be the same at best and neighbors at worst. -- Ray
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Ray Haddad
All you internet geektypes can dream up what you want to but I am me and that is it. I have no idea who is spoofing or lying or faking other than Steve and I dont care.
I know who I am and where I stand and Steve the Muslim fake name can lie all he wants to but he is not true I am.
ne IP for an entire
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On 25 Jan 2007 14:47:57 -0800, I said, "Pick a card, any card" and snipped-for-privacy@aim.com instead replied:
Um, Curt, you can't hide on the web, mate. Seriously. -- Ray
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Ray Haddad
Hey Curt/Trainspeeddemon-
Sorry I'm blowing your fantasy world. You can still use that other name if you want, its fun to watch you play on here. Given what you went through as a child I am tolerant of your behavior. One can only imagine the scars you have to deal with. How a man can do that to a child is beyond me. Hang in there curt. Your mother loves you dearly.
Your friend, Brad
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Yep! Fun to watch though! He will get a little better here as we train him.. the fake posts will at least sort of look like they came from someone else.
Shame what he went through- this is another case of the Church sweeping garbage and scandal under the rug- only to have it show up in usenet.
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