Part 2: Ton of Mags & Trains

I post a while ago, and this time I have a little more info. Some
friends of mine asked me to research if any of there old train stuff
had any value. They have a large list made out, and I've included some
of that list below. I've been told these are all O Gauge and that
the trains date roughly from 1935 - 1950.
I suppose my main question is, is there anybody out there that is
interested in buying most or all of this collection or do you know of
somebody/someplace (beside Ebay I know of them.)
Brass Rollin Lobaugh C&0 Section A engine
Brass Rollin Lobaugh C&0 Section B engine
Brass Rollin Lobaugh C&0 Section C engine
Brass Rollin Lobaugh crude oil tank car
Various Brass Rollin Lobaugh cars/switches/gondola
Various Brass Max Gray hoppers/cars/reefer/caboose
Various Aluminum & Wood Walthers trucks/gondola/pullman
Various Wood & Tin Railcraft models (cars/flat/hopper/gondola)
Various Wood & Steel Nation cars/gondola
Various Tin & Wood Athearn cars/flats
Other manufactures: JC, Quality Craft, Perfection.
Also, they have every "Model Railroad" magazine from 1936 to 1997
except January 1945. Other mags include "Mainline Modeler", "NMRA
Bulletin National Railroad Assoc.", books, "NMRA Yearbooks", and
"Railway Clerk Interchange"
Thank you for the help & best wishes.
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I think it unlikely that you will find an individual O gauger who woud buy the entire collection as one lot. If you want to try, I'd suggest placing an ad in the "Lease Pool" section of "O Scale News" magazine. See their web site at
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You will have better luck selling the collection as one lot to a dealer who specializes in O scale. The following have had ads in O Scale News indicating they buy collections of 2-rail O: Hill's Hobby & Collector's Shop (Chicago area) -
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Paradise Junction Roundhouse (California) - Tom Fogel's Trains (California) - Jim Hackworth Model Trains (Columbus OH) -
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Selling as one lot will usually involve taking quite a discount on the appraised value of the collection for the brokers costs and risks in liquidating the items. You will get more for the collection selling the pieces individually, but this entails more work. Besides ebay that you mentioned, you could take the collection to one of the several annual 2-rail O scale swap meets near you. You could also advertize the collection in the "Lease Pool" section of O Scale News (probably need to indicate the types of items and offer to send the detailed list to interested parties).
I expect you will have little difficulty selling the Lobaugh and Max Gray brass. Many All Nation and Athearn kits are still available new, so there is demand for them as well. Some of the other items will have a smaller demand as they are not as detailed as current offerings, but there are some O scalers who collect the old stuff.
Hope this helps. And by the way, I believe the Rollin Lobaugh C&0 Section A / B / C engine are all different parts of the same kit to build a nice Greenbrier - it'd be a shame to split that up. Gary Q
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