Rebuilding a Lister CS

I have two Lister CSs to rebuild. They are both models CS 3/1 (one is
3hp at 600rpm, and the other is 3.5hp at 650rpm).
I would like to know if it is possible (without too much extra work) to
rebuild them as CS 5/1s?
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Mark Walker
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Possible but may prove too expensive. The bore and valves are different sizes. The cylinders and pistons are not that easy to get hold of and I know not whether you could overbore a 3/1 cylinder (I rather doubt it). You'd certainly lose the chroming. Are the pre-combustion chambers also differently sized I wonder? The pump and injector are probably different too. Since the 3/1 is the less common I'm inclined to suggest that it would be better to rebuild as original and sell them to buy a pair of 5/1s Opinions may vary .... hth Roland
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Roland Craven
The drawing in the handbook shows a separate diagram for the 3 horse vs the 5 horse cylinder head, presumably different design including valve seats and combustion chamber - I agree with Roland - 3HP less common, so perhaps more desirable and one day worth more???
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