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Since moving to Australia I have used up the last of the UK car spray paints I brought with me for painting my railway models.

Does anyone here use Australian car spray paints for this purpose, and if so what paints do you use for the following:

BR WR Brown BR Cream (custard) - UK equivalent Ford Sahara Beige F73 BR Crimson (blood) - UK equivalent Peugeot Regency Red BR Maroon - UK equivalent Rover Damask Red BR Green - UK equivalent Land Rover Deep Bronze Green BS381 c224


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John Nuttall
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Might be worth checking to see if Ford colours are international - If so it might be possible for someone here to find nearest Ford equivalents to the colours you mentioned - Last time I tried this I seem to remember Ford 'Sierra red' was a pretty good BR maroon - Could I ask what British colour you used for WR Brown though?



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Mike Smith

On 14/04/2006 18:49, Mike Smith said,

Vauxhall Brazil Brown is OK for GWR brown, and I believe it will do for WR brown as well. Jamaica Yellow is used for the cream (also Vauxhall)

Did people really have cars in those colours??

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Paul Boyd

Dunno what they call it, but my Saturn station wagon (a US General motors Product based on an Opel design) is a dark green that is very close to the GWR locomotive green of my modelling era. Which is why I bought it.

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Christopher A. Lee

Mike -

I haven't spray painted anything brown yet, so I don't have a UK equivalent that I have tried myself. Others have suggested Triumph Maple, Talbot (Peugeot?) Cafe Noir DS-R117, Rover Russet Brown and Vauxhall Brazil Brown.

No AU equivalent either yet.

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John Nuttall

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