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I had a plastic construction kit by Airfix and ISTR that the transfers supplied were for BOAC and Air France. It was a fair while ago so I could be wrong. Mine flew before theirs courtesy of some fire work mini rockets.landing was a bit dodgy though.
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I suspect BOAC released the livery data to Airfix fairly early so they could tool up to release the kit when real thing came into service, but in the event the model beat it! There may well have been some "corporate bosses' desktop models" made in BOAC livery too, There were certainly some for Boeing's SST in Pan-Am livery, but the plane was never built and Pan-Am became a 'fallen flag'.
Allan Sibley
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I had the Concordski variant - the nose fell off. BOAC & Air France transfers too - no Aeroflot though ;-)
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I had a Revell Boeing SST - in fact it was two kits in one, one in high-speed and on in low-speed configuration, but as far as I recall the transfers were for a Being promotional livery, not Pan Am.
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John Nuttall
Hi Thank you everybody for your supplied info on the Decapod liveries etc. We have moved from a very heavy locomotive to aeroplanes. I dont know quite how but there we go. I have decided that it will be finished in G.E.R. dark blue, with red/white/black/white/red boiler banding & red/white lining else where. It will not be as the proto type, but should look quite stunning. Many thanks Roger
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Barbara Mitchell

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