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Greetings once more.

Having taken my trusty Gaugemaster panel mounted UF feedback controller out of storage, I discover that for reasons which totally escape me now after 6 years, I changed the wires from the coding printed on the reverse, to my own colours. Can't think why, but probably something to do with length? Anyway, can anyone tell me which pair of wires is the input and which the output? One pair is directly soldered to the DPDT switch, the other pair to what appear to be diodes or similar.

And no, at my age I'm not going DCC instead:)


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Zipadee Doodar
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The input sghould be 16V AC from your transformer, this is connected to a rectifier to produce DC for the train, the diodes will be the rectifier hence the wires connected to the diodes are the input.

The DC from the rectifier is passed through the regulating circuit, potentiometer and transistors or whatever and then to the reversing switch before gointg to the track, so the wires connected to the dpdt switch are the output.

But you knew that, you were just giving us a test, right? Keith

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Naturally! But many thanks all the same - now, why did I change the wires in the first place? Answers on a postcard......


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Zipadee Doodar

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