Lima 66

Ive recently obtained a Lima 66 in Freightliner green (66501)
Its detailing is very good but the motorised bogie is a little stiff when
twisted (ie going round curves)
Ive got a few tight bends on my layout including some crossovers and it
keeps derailing
Is it a fault with the design or do I have a duff model
Can it be solved easily?
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Andy Worrall
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"Andy Worrall" wrote
Yes it can, the problem is that the motor bogie is too tight a fit in the hole in the loco chassis and that is restricting its free movement.
Remove the body (there are retaining clips below the front cab windows from memory) and the power bogie. Then just lightly file or scrape the plastic from the arced ends of hole in the chassis into which the bogie fits. You don't need to remove much, but the exact amount can only be determined by trial & error.
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John Turner
Further to Johns posting, there are occasionally pips on the motor bogie pegs, which catch in said hole, again gentle removal with a file will also help.
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Dave Skipsey

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