Modeler in US need help...

I live in the US, but my rail modeling interests lie in Britain.
Unfortunately it is either hard, expensive or both for me to find
magazines about British railway modeling here. I have checked the
websites and downloaded what I can, but what I cannot afford to do is
subscribe to something like Model Rail or British Railway Modeling. Once
all is said and done, the issues would cost me nearly $10US each.
I was wondering if there is anyone who would like to trade old British
modeling magazines for something from here. US magazines or books or
???. I also have automotive magazines and could try to find other items.
Any help would be appreciated.
Michael Carnell -
Charleston, South Carolina, USA
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Michael Carnell
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Hi Michael I am in nearby?? Atlanta, and model British outline.If you contact me of list, I will be happy to help Rob
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Rob wrote:
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Michael Carnell
Hi Michael
I have several years worth of British Railway Modelling from 1993 on wards that you can have for the postage cost.
email me of list for details.
Tony Cane
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