Re: Two books up for auction - American Motortoys and Dinky Toys And Modelled Minatures

On Friday, in article "Jerry." wrote:

>> Why did you feel like getting this guy spammed?
>Oh, yoiu mean this chap -
> ?
>Because his ebay Spam doesn't belong on Usenet - it belongs on eBay.
Looks to be withing charter for uk.rec.models.rail:
Adverts should be clearly marked in the subject line (the words
"AD", "For Sale", "Exhibition" or "Commercial" at the start of the
subject line are recommended).
Short (less than 20 line) commercial announcements relevant to UK
rail model making are permitted (either manufacturers or traders),
though extensive advertising lists are not permitted (these should
be available by mail, ftp or http to interested readers).
Commercial advertisers should not post adverts more frequently than
once per month.
Private for-sale adverts are permitted, though should be short and concise.
Discussion/negotiation should be via private email. Announcements by model
railway clubs and societies are permitted, though should be concise and
relevant. Announcement of model railway shows is permitted. Blatant
off-topic or commercial advertising is not permitted.
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Tim Illingworth
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In message , Jerry. writes
This particular advertisement (clearly marked as such) is very useful. I'll be bidding for one of the books, which I doubt I would have found on eBay without the message placed here.
The advertisement may not have been of interest to you, but that doesn't mean it wasn't of interest to all readers of the groups to whom it was addressed.
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Graeme Eldred
"Tim Illingworth" wrote
Apart from the use of ANN instead of AD it's difficult to disagree with what you say Tim, however irritating these eBay announcements may be.
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John Turner
These kinds of small ads are common on hobbyist groups, and I've never seen anyone complain about them. Is it the mention of ebay that is offensive? Personally I use ebay extensively, and have never had a problem with it. It has become the default market place for a number of hobby items these days, and plugging a relevant auction of items that will interest group readers is not a problem at all.
You may have noticed I did that myself recently, and no-one batted an eyelid. In fact, judging by the number of people who have looked at my item, it was of interest to a lot of people.
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Lee Osborne
Jerry, urmr's resident troll and pain in the rear, thinks he's the group's moderator now?
I bet he replies, even though he knows he's killfiled... Classic Jerry behaviour.
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Rich Mackin
"Rich Mackin" wrote
He does have a point in this instance, what's the relevence of American Motortoys, Dinky Toys or Modelled Miniatures to model railways?
Unless of course we're talking Dublo Dinkies! ;-)
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John Turner
Is this group restricted to 1:76? ;-)
Dublo Dinkys are very hard to get hold of these days, on the left side of the pond at any rate. I have most of the range, acquired either in the late 1950s or in the 1990s.
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I agree. I don't cruise E Bay all day, so sometimes an announcement is good. I have sold stuff on E Bay myself, and often post it here, my thinking is, these (friends) on this group deserve first crack at it, if they are interested Regards Rob
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Ask yourself what the 'uk' part of the groups name signifies, the original eBay Spam belonged on an 'alt' group and not here - even if you accept that non railway items can be advertised here...
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