Thankyou Heljan

My lime green/brown Falcon is superb.
I am quite prepared for the windscreen wipers to be adjudged 1mm too
wide, but it looks just right to me.
I cant stop looking at it - my family are getting quite concerned.
Well done Heljan, and Merry Christmas.
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What's your opion on the livery? Here's a picture which a friend who remembers the loco when new has 'colour corrected' to his memory.
formatting link
They look ok to me.
I settled for the blue one, but only because that was the only one I had 'spare' and it's more in keeping with my future plans.
Nice model in my opinion - evening the over-emphasised lower bodyside band doesn't detract for me.
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John Turner
I dont think the loco in that photo could be described as lime green and brown. It looks more like two shades of brown to me, but I assume that Heljan would have gone to certain lengths to match the colours as closely as possible to the original spec.
After seeing the endless correspondence elsewhere on the exact shade of red applied to LMS pacifics, I think I will just accept it as it is.
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