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Best TIG Welder For Home Use
Well, are you looking for a tig welder which you can use safely at your home? Tungsten Inert Gas welding (TIG) is a robust welding process widely applicable due to its variety to weld many materials....
7 months ago 1
tig tutorial
As I said before I have a unimig similar to au unimig 190, it is not a dedicated tig machine it is mig tig and dc stick,I am trying tig without much sucess, every tutorial carrys on about specialised...
8 months ago 3
A basic set up to weld aluminum with a airco 300 square wave
I cannot find a manual for this,I have with much time and flipping this switch that nob finally got it stick but my issue is ,I was a pipe welder for years useing GTAW and stick every day usually with...
8 months ago 2
Cold Weld ???
I made a pin puller yesterday as a project with my dad when he and my mom stopped over yesterday for Thanksgiving. Basically I welded a 5/8 mild steel rod to a pair of locking pliers (Great Neck, not...
2 years ago
Ranger 8 low welding amp in DC positive and none in DC negative
was welding and current dies ---selector was bad ---changed it ---now I get low amp not enough to weld and nothing in DC negative was welding and current dies ---selector was bad ---changed it ---now...
2 years ago 1
Mea culpa - 7016 polarity :-)
Hello all Hilarious driving home of a lesson about electrodes and the polarity they need. Yesterday, all way from 0730 to morning break at 10am, had the welding machine on DCEN for 7016 rods. Did...
3 years ago
PAM Cooking Spray - Olive Oil
I installed a new stove a couple weeks ago in the house. It was no big deal. The most stressful part was making sure it was jetted and regulated for LP gas instead of natural gas. I left off (a...
3 years ago 1
welding tractor for bridge - 2 lines railway span
Hi all Need advice "from zero upwards" about using welding tractors. We have a bridge to make. Overbridge over a railway. Two lines. Structurally it's typical steel bridge type - sides / "parapets"...
3 years ago 12
Rod size 7016 7018 6G pipe butt v-up tube-to-plate fillet?
I want to get practicing for SMAW Coding - the two "full-range" Codings fillet and butt. I'm in the UK. 3/32" = 2.5mm 1/8" = 3.2mm Would you go for root & fillet-corner 3/32" - 2.5mm 7016 fill and cap...
4 years ago
Help! My Project is a disaster
Hi all, I recently took up welding. I've started with ARC welding as its the cheape st and most accessible. I spent a few days getting the hang of laying down beads with 6013 rod (the dominant rod...
6 years ago 3
Miller MSW-41T Spot Welder
I purchased a used Miller MSW-41T 110 volt spot welder. I've downloaded the manual. There is an illustration of several tips. Most I understand.What is the difference in useage of the standard tips...
6 years ago 6
TIG welding in argon atmosphere
If I am TIG welding in an argon (or Ar/He) atmosphere, do I need any gas flowing through the torch? Can I recycle gas from the atmosphere eg using a fishtank air pump? Thanks - Peter Fairbrother Are...
6 years ago 4
would a 3 phase welder work at all with a static phase converter
I am looking for addvise on if that a static phase converter would allow a three phase welder too work with a some what less welding amps,or work on lower settings. The main reason for a static phase...
6 years ago 2
Safe ss weld discoloration remover
(I posted this to RCM -- 'didn't think to post it here, where it would do more good) The question of how to remove the oxide discoloration resulting from welding stainless comes up from time to time....
7 years ago 11
handymig by sip
I have a handymig that will not weld, there is a white wire in the gun or torch that is not connected. I would appreciate if someone knew what it is connected to. Thankyou On Mon, 25 Aug 2014 10:51:12...
7 years ago 2
Miller Legend DC missing
Looked at a Miller Legend NT for sale. The 60 and 100 Hz output seemed ok (slightly low) and the AC welding output worked. There was no DC welding output. We looked at the rectifier and found nothing...
7 years ago 3
Plasma cutter problem/Can I use a different torch?
I have a Hypertherm Max100 plasma cutter. It used to work great. As of now, it has developed a problem, which is that the arc develops inside the head and burns it. Not sure why or what. My question...
8 years ago 2
Tigging 12L14?
I always thought this was impossible. Granted, he says it's not for importa nt structural welds, but still, this opens up a new world to me. I'm pretty so-so machining, and 12L14 just makes it so much...
8 years ago 7
Lincoln wire-matic 255 feed/speed problem
We have a Lincoln wire-matic 255 mig welder. Lately it has developed a problem, as follows: when the operator presses a trigger, it starts feeding the wire way too slowly, for about a second, then it...
8 years ago 5
contact tips for speedway flux welder
I have been looking for contact tips for my speedway will harbor freight tips work? Thanks If they are the same thread and about the same length I don't see why not. Take the welder into any welding...
8 years ago 2