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I picked it up a while ago , and have tried it with my BabyMIG . I ran comparisons with 2 known gasses , C25 and straight CO2 . The bead is a bit taller than C25 , and the wire wants to burn really fast and ball up on the tip . I did finally get a reasonably decent bead , but it was difficult and I had to jack up the wire speed . Not a LOT of spatter , similar ro the C25 . The CO2 bead was flatter than either , and spatter was just a hair more than the C25 . The unknown gas bead looked a lot more like C25 than it did the CO2 , I did find that the bead got wider and flatter with the unknown gas as I ran it , looked a lot like the other 2 at the end of a 2" bead . I think before I go trade it in I might just see what it does with the TIG machine . It definitely had some shielding action , the bead didn't look burned up like it does when I forget to turn the gas on ... So , anybody care to venture an opinion on what this might be ? I'm thnking I might have gotten lucky and copped a great deal on a bottle of argon .

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Terry Coombs
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