Nitro Planes ??????

Has anyone ever sucessfully ordered anything from this company? I have
been trying to order either a P-82 or a Predator for over six months
and all I ever see is "out of stock". I have written them and asked to
back order but am always told to check back in 2 weeks. These guys
spend tens of thousands of dollars on full page ads in M>A>N> and
never have any stock. How do they stay in buisiness?
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Ted Kennedy
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I purchased and promptly received a RQ-1 Predator from them several months ago. However, I see their stock is a bit thin at the moment.
Whether business is so good they're having trouble replenishing their stock or business is so bad they have cut inventory to the bone, maybe a phone call to them would yield a more realistic delivery estimate.
Good luck.
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I bought a .40-size Ultimate bipe from them and it's a great model for the money. It arrived quickly and safely. You just have to keep checking to see if what you want is in stock. I don't think anyone can beat their prices on ARFs.
Good flying, desmobob
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I purchased a P-82 from Nitro about a year ago. It came in short order but I gather they are out of stock now. You might want to try World Models. They have one almost identical. No idea of their stock though.
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I just purchased (and received) their new T-28 ARF for far so good except for the bent landing gear - heck they should at least give ME a chance to bend it :)
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