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Fatal error: DBX CAS 6 - AUTOCAD 2008
When I run AutoCad 2008 on Windows Vista and I go to 3d operations program generates report: Fatal error: DBX CAS 6 Uninstall and install Auto Cad 2008 doesn't give any effects. What I must to do to...
13 years ago 1
Unfold a polyline
Does anyone have/know of a routine/method to unfold a polyline comprising both straight and curved segments? Any help appreciated. Cheers ? Are you talking about flat patterns? Bob I sure wish there...
14 years ago 10
Flange with bolt circle LISP
Hi ya, I just feel like sharing a little thing I did a while ago. I love it, anyway. Hope you do too. It draws a circular flange with outerĂ˜, innerĂ˜, bolt circle and holes in a snap. Feel free to...
15 years ago 3
Phar Lap err 35
Could some one tell me what: Phar Lap err 35: The 386 chip is currently executing in virtual 8086 mode under the control of another program. You must turn off this other program in order to use...
15 years ago 3
Lost righ mouset-button Enter function
Any ideas on how to get it back? Sheesh...cut'n paste mistake... I meant I lost my right-click=enter function on my mouse. Last time I had that problem the mouse button was worn out and the critter...
15 years ago 6
Sprocket lisp
There is an for drawing various gears, but is there a similar routine for drawing chain sprocket automatically? I have done a search, but haven't found anything other than (which works very well,...
16 years ago
I am a Landscape Architect. I have a very large irrigation project that I need to add the total gallons per minute (gpm) of selected head (sprinkler) symbols. Each symbol has an attribute with the gpm...
16 years ago 9
TROS-Opgelicht tot zelfs 3x toe aandacht aan TEC-Nijmegen-BOEKLAGEN
Televisie kijkend Nederland lag in een deuk van het lachen. Tot zelfs 3x toe besteedde de TROS aandacht aan twee 'voor paal staande en te kijk gezette' bedriegers: WAO'er Dijkstra en ene Boeklagen van...
17 years ago
Seiko D-Scan 3500
I have just became the owner of an old Seiko D-Scan DT3500. It looks brand new and I would love to get it working but I know nothing about it. Does any know where to get a manual, drivers, plug-ins,...
18 years ago
roland plotter manual
I just bought a Roland GRX-300AR plotter. There is no manual and none on the net at the Roland site. I contacted them and they don't want to know me. I suspect the machine is well over 10 yrs old....
18 years ago 2
Paper Space: Setting limits problem
Dear fellow cad users, ver: Autocad 2000: I switched to paper space by typing tilemode 0 'enter'. The paper is A4. When I tried to set the limits from 12,9 default to 297,210, this error message...
18 years ago 3
I have lost the special characters in AMPOWEREDIT, all I get is a pile of jumbled characters on the toolbox. One minute they were there and the next they'd gone. Any body have a idea what happened....
18 years ago
roland DXY plotter specs
Hi! I am desperately looking for the specs for the vintage Roland DXY series plotters. What are the difference between DXY-880 and DXY-885? Or the difference between DXY-980 and DXY-990? Also the...
14 years ago 1
First-angle, Third-angle Projection Conventions
I have been reading about the projection conventions and am not sure if I completely understand them. I know the third-angle convention is preferred in the US and Canada and the first-angle in Europe....
15 years ago 9
How to connect to SQL server database in my Visual Lisp routine ?
Hi, Everyone, I'm programming in Visual Lisp. I need to get the information from a database. Actually, I use a SQL Server 2000. But my Visual Lisp routine can't connect to this database. I tried to...
15 years ago
scadline.shx is a normal text font file, not a shape file.
is a normal text font file, not a shape file. I am so tired of the error message. I am pretty certain it came in when I inserted a site plan from a surveyor into my file. I can't find a text which is...
15 years ago 4
simple dxf file
Hi! Can you give one example of "minimum" dxf file? Just one rectangle saved from CorelDraw gives 4 kb of text. And I need only simple features: points, lines, polylines and polygons. Can you write...
15 years ago 4
ACAD Map: Link Does Not Belong to Any Polygon?
I'm using Autodesk Map 2004 (but I also have ACAD Map 2006, so suggestions are welcome in either version! The process and error message are the same regardless of which version I use) on Windows XP...
16 years ago
Manual needed for Mutoh F-920 or 910
I just purchased an old Mutoh F-920 plotter and am trying to find a manual or operating instructions for it. Is there anyone out there who could help me? 8) i have a complete mutoh f-920 plotter...
16 years ago 2
How to draw regular dodecahedron in autocad? Help!:) Command:Polygon Number of sides: 12 etc. Command:Polygon I'm a little geometrically challenged.........what is a whatever-ahedron? A dodecahedron...
18 years ago 22