Popup dos window 'C:\program' is not recognized as an internal command"

I notices something on my new xp computer, then when I open certain AutoCAD
drawings, I get a slew(a dozen?) of blank pop up DOS command
windows(c:WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\cmd.exe), with a message 'C:\program' is not
recognized as an internal command, operable program or batch file. They
popup and disappear in a matter or a few seconds. Just curious why that
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Check your system path and user path environment variables. It looks like some kind of script or addon you're using is trying to execute a batch command of some sort (presumably located in "Program Files"), but can't parse long file names and didn't include the quote marks.
But taking into account your previous post... I would say you have something strange running on your system or just a really funky AutoCAD addon.
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So, how come it only happens to certain drawings (only happens to drawings I open from our drafting department, but not to my own drawings). Can a script be embedded in a drawing?
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Delete anything that is directed to your Project Files Search Path.
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