Instrument specification

Following are the specifications of an ammeter
Resolution: 0.01mA
Maximum Range: 200mA
Accuracy: plus,minus(2%+2Count)
What does this count mean?
I searched a lot but couldn't succeed...
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It's a digital meter that "counts" in steps of 0.01mA.
So the error could be as great at 2% plus a further 0.02mA (two counts).
Basically, there is going to be a percentage error determined by the accuracy of the reference standard built into the unit. However, there is also going to be an error due to the conversion method that can always produce an error of up to two counts, irrespective of the input value.
At high values, towards "full scale deflection", the % error dominates. At very low values, towards zero, the count error dominates.
-- Sue
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