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I'm looking for the Federal Specification for Electrodeposited Cadmium
Plating, SAE-AMS-QQ-P-416. Can't seem to find on the Internet. Can anyone
Mike Beason
Maule Air Inc.
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Sure, Mike.
Go to the SAE web site at
formatting link
Then search under "standard" for the new revised identification, which is AMSQQP416. It will cost you $59, unless you are an SAE member in which case you get a discount price of $47.20.
I guess when they went from the Federal Standard QQ-P-416 to the SAE Aerospace Materials Specification version they did a double hyphenectomy. Surgery is expensive, $30 per hyphen! (The obsolete and discontinued Federal standard version was free off of the DLA ASSIST website).
Pittsburgh Pete
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Pittsburgh Pete

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