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Just posted some more photos tonight:
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290 - ceramic electrical insulator 291 - erasing guard for drafting 295 - a type of staple used for wood fastening
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290. Insulator 291. Eraser shield 292. Some sort of ratchet tooth 293. Metal flower sculpture 294. Multi-head cutter 295. Corrugated fastener for joining two pieces of wood, like parts of a picture frame.
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Gary Brady
I know what #290 is: an insulator. Not sure exactly what type, ie. where used. Electric fence maybe. The size tho suggests something heavier, telephone line or power line? The two metal ends do not connect inside. The ceramic body exists to hold them, in a fixed distance apart, yet not connected electrically. The bizarre shape, with ridges, is so that high voltage corona is somewhat reduced, air currents over those ridges will tend to stir the air and break up an ionized air channel. So I'll guess it's more for a power line. I don't see any mounting -- both ends are designed to accept a bare wire -- so now I'm wondering what it would be used on
#291 is a draftsman's eraser shield. You put that over your drawing and apply your eraser in one of the holes, to erase just the item you want. (Once upon a time, people made technical drawings with pencil on paper.)
#292. Something familiar about it but it escapes me.
293. ditto. Artificial metal plant?
294. I've never, ever seen anything like this.
295. That's the blade out of a fancy potato cutter. But where's the rest of it? How did it attach?
We used to play this game at Christmas time. Everybody had to buy somebody else a wierd strange gift and the recipient had to figure out what it was. If they couldn't they might have to wait a year to find out.
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Woody Brison
I agree with Lane's answers but add that #292 holds a small loop of sand paper for detail sanding.
294. Soma kinda stepa cutta?
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# 289--holds a stack of 45 rpm vinyl records upon the spindle for automatic play.
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# 288
Light meter setting exposure in photography.
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284 looks like a cleat (wrong term) for mountain climbing. You stick that in a rock crevice and it opens up to make a good hold. The rope through the cleat supports your weight.
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Dan White
Piton ?
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Kris Baker
288 Exposure meter 290 is a ceramic insulator 291 is an eraser shield. Besides drafting, is was used for typing--in the days before whiteout and deletion paper. 293 looks like a collectible piece of barbed wire 295 is a corrugated fastener--they were driven into the end grain of wooden boards to hold them together. A very common use was on the end boards of wooden produce boxes. These used to be called by a politically incorrect, offensive name
One you had recently, that I no longer see--an iron meteorite. I ran across one for sale at a flea market last weekend.
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Leo Lichtman
#292 is for detail sanding, as some someone else said. I bought one to use for working on guitar frets.
R.H. wrote:
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292 Sanding tool. Uses small sanding belts. Quite handy.
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294 is a type of "wrench" used to remove steam pipe fittings. i always saw them used to install and remove the union that goes on the inlet of a steam radiator in home heating systems. The nipple had two little ribs cast on the ID of the pipe that the tool would engage in the cutouts. The steps are for different sized nipples, and the square section is for a wrench to turn it with. Can't remember what these are called, though...
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Al A.
Nope... wrong name.
A piton is hammered in place (frequently damaging the rock.)
This 284 gadget is essentially a set of cams. They can be rolled to narrow their profile, placed in a crack in the rockface, and then expanded. They don't damage the rock.
All the best,
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290. Alien TP roll holder. (they have wavy butts) 291. Mistake selector. 292. Rubber band tensioner. 293. Stupid goth kids trying to worship the Anti-Santa. 294. A Device. 295. Metal corn cob--only not with corn.
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And what name might that be? You can rot13 it, if you're worried about the Morals Police.
Thanks, Rich
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Rich Grise
"liberals"? (:
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Posting from rec.crafts.metalworking:
290) Electrical insulator. Supported by a wire around one of the grooves. It might be an insulator for connecting a long-wire antenna to the downfeed wire. If I could see a parting line anywhere, I would suggest that it be a feedthrough insulator for going though a window or the like.
291) Erasing shield for an old typewriter without correction ability built in.
292) It looks intended to wedge a sliding window from motion. Perhaps a sliding rear window in a pickup truck, based on the size. If it were larger, I would think that it was for a sliding glass door.
293) For hanging some kind of foodstuffs to cure. if it were smaller I would suggest that it was an early and nasty version of barbed wire. It looks as though the spikes are cut free from the shank and bent out.
294) A stepped wrench for unscrewing something -- perhaps some kind of valve seats? Rather ugly casting, in any case, with no apparent effort to clean off any flash.
295) I wish I remembered the name of this. It is intended to join two pieces of wood edge to edge or end to end. The near edge is driven in, with the stress along the width in use.
Enjoy, DoN.
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DoN. Nichols
* R. H.
# 292
Golf training device? Shoemaker inside measuring device?
# 293
Part of a fence
# 294
Axis part of some heavy gear machinery
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Jon Haugsand
#291 - Draughtsman's erasing guide/shield
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Jeff R

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