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I'm working with WF4 on Win64bit I installed Mold Library ( the last version I found is MOLD BASE WF

2002490). I created a PRO_LIBRARY_DIR system variable. At the end of installation I execute the pro_build_library_ctg.bat file and only the file "moldlib.mnu" was created not the "moldlib.ctg". So in ProE it's not possible to retrieve the mold bases.

Any idea ? Thanks in advance

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Pier Dil
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Seemed to me that there was also another license required, like Pro/LIBRARY-ACCESS. Don't know if this comes with MBX or not but worth looking into. Also, most programs on the market are pretty good at setting you up with the configuration options which, by default, you need to run a program. Most, except PTC's shit. So, if you also needed to have a line in that said PRO_MOLDBASELIB=suchandsuch, don't expect that it would have been installed by default. PTC still expects you to do the programmers' jobs for them and read through mounds of literature to find obscure references to such things. On the other hand, there may be a very direct, simple answer to this that I just don't know. Anyone?

David Janes

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