Flap wing RG - who wanted to see this?

I just came across a note to bring an old rocket of mine to NARAM. I'm not sure if it was targeted for NARAM-45, or left over from NARAM-44. The request was from someone who wanted to see my variable camber flapped wing RG. It's my implementation of a late 70s Greg Stewart design. At any rate, I think I've relocated the lost model, and will bring it to NARAM. Now, can someone remind me who it was that wanted to see this odd glider?

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Bob Kaplow
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It wasn't me. But I sure am curious now. Can you post pix??

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Ditto for me. After almost 40 years in the hobby, can an old dog who has never built or flown a glider learn new tricks?

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tad danley

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