Interesting high lights of the NAR BoD Meeting and ...

I took some notes at the meeting of the NAR BoD. Here they are:
a)NAR lost 300+ members this year alone, but contributions to the
NAR legal defense fund have netted NAR a $25,000 positive balance, so
all is well ...
b)Kids are NOT going into Aerospace and other hard core sciences, DUH,
I could have told them that ... just look at video game sales!
NAR wants to "pay forward" and recruit young minds, as the Apollo era
engineers and scientists are retiring and dying at a rate too great to
keep America competitive in science.
c)Mark Bundick re-elected as NAR Pres. No shocker there ...
d)Mark Bundick admitted, "Blissful Ignorance" of Hybrids and their
launch systems ... does this man ONLY fly A,B,C, and an occasional D
motor or what?
e)NAR "Okays" metal used in model rockets. Specifically, fin cans.
f)NAR wants to have 1,000,000 children fly a model rocket by the 50th
Anniversary of the founding of NAR (1957,2007).
g)Mark Bundick mad about High Powered Rocket going through windshiled
of SUV, yet he allows stunts such as the special link below to go on at
the NAR sport range ... double standards as typical from NAR ... see
below ...
h)Mark Bundick affraid there will be a body bag on a rocket range
sooner or later ... bet ya 2 to 1, it will be a NAR range that gets the
first body bag!
Ok, in the past (just search my name) I have spoken about the cavalier
attititude I see time and time and time and time again at NAR sponsored
launches. I guess rocketeers figure that if its an A8-3, there is no
chance of harm or damage to property (although an A motor powered
rocket did destroy a $750,000 home in Lafayett CA, a few years back).
When I saw the following, I was repulsed and ashamed. Please view this
link: (and it will probable be take down in the next day or two, so
save it!) And notice how the rocket almost hits the guy running in the
upper left hand portion of the video! More NARAM Hijinx! Yuck Yuck
Yuck ...
formatting link

The lack of common sense on that video was amazing. In the 40 years of
rocket flying, I have NEVER seen a risk like the one above taken at a
high power or amateur launch! I have said it before, and I am saying it
again, High Powered Rocketry (TRA/RRS), demonstrates far more
professionalism and safety than does low power; in the operation of the
rage, and the vehicles. Could you imagine if the rocket pictured in
the video, had been powered by a K or L motor? Why the NAR people
would have been saying, 'Look at those 'redneck' wanna be rocketeers,
at it again ... the 'Cape Canaveral Hillbillys'. Yet NAR people look
down their noses at HPR constantly ... and pull off crap like that,
CONSTANTLY! There was enough power behind that foam THING to put an
eye out if it had gone into the prep area ... but what's an eye when
you are just plain having fun with low power hijinx!?
And the beat goes on ...
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ahh my favorite martian is back..whats up bob? comments and responses inline..
shockie B)
I pointed that out as well over on NAR Sections and all hell broke out, as the NARBOT never announces "bad news" they only spin the good, that +25K balance due to donations....
so we agree here..
agree been there already know this.
we agree again
yep, he got his old guard loyalists out again : 144 out of the possible 3580 who was eligible to vote... you do the math....
we agree again! Damn Bob, thats 3 for 3!
HecK even I know how hybridsa dn their launch systems work and i'm not even a trustee.... Looking at his really white skin( I overheard this balck guy say, "now thats what you call white!" it appears Mark hasn't flown anything since at least winter....
4 out of 4....the world is gonna come to an end...
sounds ok to me
only time will tell... I hope it does succeed though
I wish he woulod get upset as much about NARBOT minutes being habitually late and NARBOT Treasurer reports being habitually late in clear violation of NAR Bylaws...
Joke I heard recently.... What do you call the NAR when they are in violation of their own bylaws? tripoli.... heheheheheheheehh LOL
it probably will be mine..... targeted both by Mark and company and Phil and company...
Bob: did you notice that Foamie rocket was actually floating on the way down? I mean get REAL.... the most damage that thing would have done was muss your hair..
At least we don't have bowling balls fallin out of the sky around our heads..... I betcah TRA gets the first fatality... almost had one on the last Myth Busters.....
well lets see the score...
well we agree on 5 out 5, and basically break even on the rest.....
Bob, we have to quit meeting like this...
take care until the next time you crawl outta your hole.....
shockie B)
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Hi Shockwave,
Was Mythbusters a TRA sanctioned event? Not being crass or sarcastic, I just would be both humbled, and shocked to no end if it was!?
And realise, I point out the things that I do, because I want ROCKETRY to succeed in this nation. If I didn't care, I would be silent about it!
Bowling balls make great ballast, as they are high density and spherical so they easily mount into payload sections and/or easily ejectible. They also help to limit altitude so that altitude ceilings are not exceeded. Would you rather us flying monkeys or cats as payloads?
Safety and professionalism shouldn't be the monopoly of TRA/RRS ... NAR should follow the examples we set ALL the time whether the vehicle is foam, plywood, metal, carbon fibre, ect ...
... now back to my hole (missile silo).
shockwaveriderz wrote:
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One more thing before I leave this thread, Bundick received 144 votes out of 3580 ... let me "do the math" ... 4.0223% of the membership voted Mark in as president ... this also indicates that 90+% of the total NAR membership roster was, well lets just say, "out to launch" when electing their leadership ... you get what you pay for ... standard deviation of the error is around 3% so ... he almost wasn't even elected!
4.0223% isn't a MANDATE by the membership in no way. If anyone wants to beat Mark in 2006, just promise a D motor in everyone's range box, and you will pick up at least 30% or so of the vote EASILY! People are easily bribed.
Now I don't have the figures in front of me, but the TRA president was chosen with FAR MORE involvement of the TRA membership roster ... FAR MORE. We (TRA) care!
Closing my silo doors, while I run guidance tests ...
shockwaveriderz wrote:
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As Far as I am aware, no Myth Busters is NOT a TRA production. But it does seem packed with current TRA big names.....
so of course I was trying to get a little "dig" in at the TAR due as you were "digging" on the NAR...
Yeah, I want rocketry to succeed in this country too..
as far as flying monkies or cats, cats no, monkies, sound good to about guiena pigs....nahh nevermind we would be sued to death by the PETA people....
shockie B)
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I have been trying, without any apparent success, in geting the NARBOT to be more open in their dealings, as I think if more people weere involved, it would be a good thing... unfortuantely the current NARBOT, as most, if NOT all NARBOTS before it, don't exactly like that idea....
See the power in the NAR has ALWAYS been in the hands of the few.... I call these people the Old Guard Loyalists, sorta like Saddam's Republican Guard.
What I find interesting about the NAR is this:
The NAR at every point in its history where it had the opportunity to embrace and lead with new technology, rejected vigrously at first and then finally after fighting it for years, they give in.
examples, the NAR initially oppoed:
1. G motors 2. RMS motors 3. Large Model Rockets 4.High Power Rockets
So basically the NAR has been on the wrong side of history for more than 30 years... It just so happens that during that 30 year period, Mark Bundick was either the VP or the Prez. You do the math on that!
In my opinion, ANY organization of any form, that has the same person either VP or Prez for close to 30+ years has some kind of problem. The only people that last that long are usually dictators and despots.
shockie B)
but from what I hear, TRABOD has some of the same least the NAR won't kick you out of their org.... well yet, but I think I'm close to the edge on that one.....
shockie B)
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Do you know when the last person was kicked out of TRA and what the reason was? I hope you are basing this on fact and not hearsay from a few malcontents.
Also, NAR has thrown people out. You need to brush up on your NAR history.
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Phil Stein
oops I left one off the list:
the NAR also initially opposed Vashon Cold Propellant motors, NAR S&T refused to certfiy them for use...
of course they eventually relented and allowed their use.
shockie B)
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nope but is was almost a TRA fatality... As was the rocket going off in that guys face on the Discovery Channel show....
shockie B)
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I can think of one small organization who has had the same leader since it was founded. And when asked if any member would like to run to be eleted to the post, no one asks to run.
And it's been around in the background since 1971.
formatting link

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No I do know when the TRA lasted kicked out any people. Why don't you enlighten me with the facst Phil? have they kicked out Bruce Kelly yet? didn't think so..but they have kciked out Bob and Jerry ( not the ice cream guys).. jerry I can see, but BOB ? I understand the TAR still kicks people off its listserver that it don't like...
Who are the people the NAR kicked out? The only person I am aware of was a guy Named Bob Mullane, who doctored some fake competition results.
Bring me uptodate, Phil baby. I surely don't want to be spreading any misinformation or disinformation or distorting any facts.
shockie B)
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Tripoli members do not vote for the president, the board does. The check boxes on the ballot for president are simply an advisory to the board.
Members vote for directors only.
Brian Elfert
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Brian Elfert
Frank Kosdon was kicked out a few years ago, but he was reinstated within a few months. I don't recall the reason.
I'm pretty sure Jerry Irvine was kicked out since TRA BOD minutes talk about his requests to get reinstated. No idea why or when he was kicked out.
Brian Elfert
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Brian Elfert
I STAND CORRECTED! Yes we vote for BoD, and not the President directly.
P.s. I read somewhere that we recieve a very "healty" return of ballots when voting does come around ... like I said, I don't have the figure in front of me ...
Brian Elfert wrote:
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