AIR: Best 1/72 MiG 21 kits?

Hiya all Just wondering who does the most accurate Fishbed kits currently available, I believe Bilek do a MiG 21 range but am not sure what the quality is like....any ideas?

TIA Simon :)

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Simon Johanson
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Fujimi covered most of the MiG-21 variants (except the early MiG-21F - now done by Bilek).

Most of the kits are good - except that they ALL have a wheel bulge (on the fuselage above the wing) that does not line up with whell bay under the wing !

Also - their MiG-21MF (one of the most prolific variants in real life and kitted by Fujimi in different iterations) has an inaccurate spine - more like a MiG-21bis instead of an -MF.

Others will post with more informed opinions, but there are MiG-21 kits out there by KP, Fujimi, Bilek and Eastern Express.

Depending on the version, you may have to cross-kit to get an accurate model.

My MiG-21 photos were on Linden Hill's website at :- but the links to the rest of the photos seem to be missing ??

If you take the above URL and put the variant suffix after mig-21, you should still get to the appropriate page - eg & There is also a details walkround at Ken Duffey

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Ken Duffey

Bilek only does the F-13, PF and PFM versions. They build nicely, the recessed panel lines are fine and they're the most accurate Fishbeds around. The detailing of the cockpit isn't great however. Add an Extratech PE and/or a Pavla resin cockpit.


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Laurent Stern

Academy makes a 1/72nd Fishbed C which isn't too bad and the price is really cheap. No cockpit detail and I think it is missing a pair of guns (it has the blister fairings, however). It may be that the guns were removed by the Finns which is what the kit represents.

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The Academy kit is a knockoff of the old Hasegawa MiG-21F and equally overscale (somewhere around 1/70, I believe), albeit with recessed panel lines. The Bilek kits are better as 1/72 models, IMHO.



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Andre van der Hoek

What about the Condor releases (21R, 21UM, 21bis)? Same as Bilek or different kits?

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Toni Lassila

I have 4 diff Fujimi kits, got the etch sets, vac canopies, decs, seats etc but not started them, heard of little niggles say bulges offset but look ok to me, i do have many referace books but heard the Bilek is a little behind Italiari standards but nice.

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Julian Hales

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