Boulton-Paul Defiant

Does anyone make one in 1/48 and if so where can I get it via mail order?
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The Laws
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In 1/48 there has only been one Defiant kit, by Classic airframes. The kit has some outline and fit issues and Classic has announced a re-tooled kit for early next year. My advice is wait till it is out and then it will probably be available from the usual sources. Since I don't know where you are located I can suggest Squadron Mailorder in the States' or Hannant's if you are in UK/Europe.
Bill Shuey
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William H. Shuey
Dang Bill, I thought they were supposed to release it in the spring of this year? but have seen the original kit and it looks like a real hair puller..Glad I didn't buy it. Mike IPMS
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Mike Keown
"William H. Shuey" wrote in news:
I've built the Classic Airframes kit and can confirm that it does take a lot of work -- but it was fun. The fit leaves something to be desired and the canopy is much to thick, but if you have some scratchbuilding experience and aren't afraid of filler, you can get a very nice looking kit from it. It is out of production, but it shows up now and then on eBay. That's where I purchased mine.
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Alan Fusco

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