Combat Models Vacuforms

Has anyone bought / built any of the Combat Models vac ships? I'm
interested in the 1/72 S-Boat and Fleet boats specifically. Just looking
for a general thumbs up or down on their naval stuff.
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I have their LSI & USSR Alpha sub unbuilt, but have built the Polaris missile sub & German UXXI sub years ago. They're OK. That's just my opinion.
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Frank May
Did Combat Models ever make any Landing craft kits besides the LCI? I'm looking for an LCM in 1/32 or 1/35 scale.
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RC Boater
Is this the same Combat Models that did a vacuum-form U.F.O. during the 1980s? That "kit" was downright ~nasty~! Two frisbees would have been easier to glue together.
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The Old Timer
"RC Boater" wrote in news:
I once talked to the guy at Combat. He said he had an LCM 3 in 1/35. However he said it only was the structures, no details. Supposedly you could find white metal parts for everything.
There are plenty of white metal and brass doodads in 54mm 1/32. Guy also said that there was a company that made stuff in 1/35 that would work. He suggested using the Airfix LCM 3 as guide, though the Squadron book woulb be helpful. I'm actually giving some thought to scratchbuilding one. The shapes aren't that difficult to fabricate with sheet plastic. Maybe someday.
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Gray Ghost

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