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Disneyland for Thanksgiving was great, except for the crowds.
Great dinner at La Brea Bakery, one of the fourteen venues serving
variations on a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Outside under the heat
lamps, perfectly done turkey, cranberry dressing, pecan pie for dessert
and full menu for those that didn't want turkey.
In the airplane and boat shop (don't remember the name) in Downtown
Disney I picked up a hand carved 1/72 wood Lockheed Vega Winnie May for
$13. Standoff model, looks great at ten ft., close up it's a great
Christmas ornament.
Just for you guys who say that I never consider anything other than
1/72 scale, they have a very nice Boeing 747 in about 1/48 scale for
only $12,000.
When you are in Disneyland check out the Indiana Jones shop accross
from the ride. The still had a few of the German flying wings along
with figures from the movies in two scales. The Tommorrowland store has
several Star Wars kits and figures.
At this year's shareholders meeting the subject of models came up. The
failure of Disney to obtain or arrange for the re-release of the old
MPC Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Carribean kits was underlined as
a corporate screwup. Disney released several 1955-56 re-pops of games
and the like, but no models. Shareholders are still fuming over the
idiotic release of a pretty good film, Haunted Manson, AFTER the hot
property that they knew Pirates would it be with hardly any marketing
to go along with them.
My song was also mentioned, wish I had copyrighted it. Sung to the tune
of the Mickey Mouse tune: "E I S N E R time for you to go". At least
they had the brains to replace him with the guy who worked wonders with
the cruise line, making over a billion dollars to date. . So, how about
a good kit of the Wonder or the Magic (different only in a few minor
details? Maybe a kit for the new Imagine, the new ship for the Pacific.
That's about nine years in the making, even Disney can get that right.
If anyone has any Disney oriented kits that they would like to part
with please contact me. There are many , I have only three.
Happy modeling,
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All three "Black Hole " The Cygnus ( 2 feet long when built ) Maximillian and lastly, V.I.N.C.E.N.T.....( the little robot)
All 3 kit are MINT/Factory sealed from MPC
make a serious offer.......these kits are 27 years old and I don't think any of these would be re-popped.
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Thank you very much for the offer.
Too rich for my blood, though.
The V.I.N.C.E.N.T. kit goes for $30-50, Maximllian the same, $100 and up for the Cygnus.
Did score a couple of Disney airliners from one of the good people on RMS, it's a good day for Disney models.
Thanks again,
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