Disney Moon/Mars Rocket

The Strombecker kit in its various guises is a 1/72 scale model of the
rocket that originally stood in front of the Disneyland attraction. I
have never been able to fnd an affordable complete kit, but I would
really like to get a complete box. Anybody out there have one to spare?
The Glencoe kit has the same parts and I have one of those. Does
anybody have the intact decal sheet? If I could borrow one I can make a
color photocopy on decal stock and at least have a completed model next
to the box.
I actually have a complete Rocket To the Moon in 1/72, but not the
Strombecker kit. This one came out earlier this year as a Disney
collectible. Cast metal, wired for light on a stand with a represention
of the attracton building and poster in glass behind it. Viewed
straight on it's a 3D version of the orignal poster. Cost about $200,
very limited run.
While we are at it: How about a Revell Peter Pan Pirate Ship, Haunted
Manson, Pirates of the Carribean, Frontierland wagons, Hasegawa Disney
Tokyo airliners or any other Disney models?
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i have the lindberg pirate ship, but it's a keeper. we sniffed at disney kits when i was young...too corny.
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Tom - I seem to recall in a conversation with Nick Argento that the Glencoe decals could be morphed into the original version. Note that "Fastway" could become the original TWA by removing the "FAS" and the "Y". The rest of the decals were the same design. Trouble was my set of decals exploded when they hit the water.
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Old Timer
The Lindberg and Revell kits are quite different, or so I'm told. I'm looking for the Revell kit for the Disney tie-in specfically. They released the same kit in a green glow plastic, but no Disney tie-in. I've been told that they go for around $40 on e-bay. Maybe I'll try there. Never dealt with that medium before.
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That's great! I just checked the decal and it is as described. I'll give it a shot.
I'll also give the decal a coatng of clear just in case.
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