Google Groups Killfile?

I don't miss much about Compuserve USENET. However, I was easily able
to kill file cross posting and other individuals who don't care or are
afraid to focus his or her debate in something such as alt.politics.
Am I missing a feature of Google Groups that will let me block these
rude and or absurd people. I see many of them as the type who practice
"free speech" on a restroom wall as opposed to going to town meetings
or taking seminars. Anyway if Google Groups can block unwanted posts I
am ready to learn.
Big Al
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LOL So am I. And I wanna use them. I have to check this myself, but I remember some time back there was a thread about this, and the upshot was that it was possible to configure filters, I just do not remember where in one's accounts that was set.
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Gernot Hassenpflug
Followup on this: it was not the accounts, it is necessary to install scripts in your browser.
1) For firefox/iceweasel, install Greasemonkey to run scripts, and then use the script from the link below:
formatting link
2) For Internet Explorer, which I don't use, I found these pages:
formatting link
formatting link
I use Opera, Konquerer, Epiphany, and Seamonkey, Iceape and so on as well, but don't know of any scripts written specifically for them. For the gecko-based browsers, I suspect with some small effort it is possible to get the Firefox scripts running there too.
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Gernot Hassenpflug

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