Heller 1/72 Mi-24 Hind A/D whose molds?

Having just picked up the Linden Hill and Begemot Hind decals, I'm looking for
some more 1/72 Hinds to use these decals on.
My local shop has a Heller 1/72 Hind A/D.
Is this an Italeri or Hasegawa rebox, or are these Heller's own molds?
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It's the Airfix kit. You're better off with the Hasegawa or Italeri models.
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Andre van der Hoek
That's exactly what I wanted to know. Thanks, I'll order a couple right off and leave that one sit for the next guy.
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If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs, perhaps you've misunderstood the situation.
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The Italeri is more inaccurate, but you can open up the cockpit, while the hasegawa is more accurate, but also a little bare. in any case enjoy making the most beautiful aircraft that ever flew! :) Cheers! Tvrtko
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The Best Mi-24 is to combine the Hasegawa exterior with the Italeri interior. One thing to note, amongst others, is that the Hasegawa IR-deflector over the exhausts is completely wrong, the Italeri ones are nearly perfect. If building a later Hind D/E/F with these deflectors, do not forget to cut the exhaust short. In order to fit the IR-deflectors, the exhausts were cut, with the front end of the exhaust having the normal length, and the rear being flush with the fuselage. This leads to huge smoke-trails on the fuselage.
Also note, the Hind-E by Hasegawa is actually the Hind-F. Hind-D is the version with the stepped cockpit, gunturret and large AT-4 rockets at the wingtips.
Hind-E is virtually identical, except that the large AT-4 rockets were replaced by AT-6 Spiral-missiles fired from tubes. Also, the gunner in the upper-cockpit has a reflector-visor. Adding that to the Hind-D cockpit is not too difficult, the spirals can be lifted from either the Hind-E kit or scratchbuilt.
The Hind-F (Hasegawa Hind-E) is the same as Hind-E, but the gunturret has been dropped, and a large twin-barrel Gast-type gun is placed on the starboard side of the cokcpit.
Also, most E's and F's have the Natasha-device and a different landing-light. Additional, the chaff/flare dispensers are located differently.
To create a Hind-G is more work, as this calls for a bulge in the cockpit glass. Hind-G was long thought to be chemical warfare variant, until the West learned the gas-containers turned out to be large droptanks.
Hind-G is mainly used as an observation platform. Hind-G also has the gunturret seen on Hind-D and E. Dragon has (had?) a 1/144 Hind-G kit.
Hind-B and C were short run production models.
Also note, the export designation of the Mil Mi-24 is either Mil-Mi 25 or Mil-Mi 35, depending on wether it went to Warsaw Pact or other countries.
Hope this helps.
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Herbert Ackermans

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